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Het  gebied rondom het vakantiehuis Case San Bartolo  heeft veel te bieden.

Het binnenland van de regio’s Marche en Emilia Romagna is rijk aan geschiedenis en cultuur. Middeleeuwse steden, vestingen en kastelen zijn overal te vinden. Gedurende het gehele jaar worden velerlei activiteiten georganiseerd: concerten, dorpsfeesten, gekostumeerde feesten, tentoonstellingen, muziekuitvoeringen aan zee, etc.

Voor de liefhebbers van klassieke muziek wordt in Pesaro in de zomermaanden, juli en augustus, het Rossini Opera Festival georganiseerd met een programma op internationale niveau.



Case San Bartolo - Fiorenzuola di Focara - 61121 Pesaro - Marche


Rimini - Castel Sismondo
Used not only as military stronghold but also as the residential place and the representation of the Lord of the city in the Middle Age, the castle was inhabited from 1446, while the outer ramparts of the wall date from a later period, following the death of Sigismund. At present, the castle has lost its original form which is represented by the Commemorative Medal of Matteo de Pasti in affresco and Piero della Francesca in the Malatesta Temple.

Verucchio - Rocca Malatesta
The rock known as "stone" is the most solid and well visible and it is being altered by adjustments and restoration and it is with those of Montebello, San Leo and Santarcangelo, one of the most beautiful and interesting of all Valmarecchia.

Montefiore Conca - Rocca Malatesta
This fortress dominates the valley of the Conca average and that of Ventena, and it is part of the chain more stable and consistent of the defensive system of Malatesta. Perhaps the most distinctive of Malatesta castles for its round shape and the rialto which is typical of the fortress, which looks anomalous, almost surreal, to be multi-faceted and smooth, compact and crystalline.

Mondaino - Rocca Malatestiana
In the fortress of Mondaino both walls that the northern port, on a large base shoe, accuse updates attributable to Sigismondo Malatesta, and form a very picturesque group, including the insertion between them of a nineteenth-square, semicircular portico.

San Leo - Fortezza rinascimentale
The Fort, that existed since Romans time(-), is reached in our time with the Reinassance plant made by the Sienese architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini, to whom Federico da Montefeltro entrusted with the task of adapting to the new fortress firearms. Many visitors are also attracted to the place of imprisonment and death of Cagliostro.

Gradara - Castello malatestiano
The Fortress of Gradara is a magnificent example of military architecture of XII-XIV centuries, that dominated in a majestic way (thanks to its Lord of Malatesta in the Middle Age) on a hill that is based on few kilometres from the sea. Started 900 years ago (-)by The Degriffos this small and typical city was enlarged and embellished over the centuries by the various feudal Lords of Gradara: the Malatesta, the Sforza, the Della Rovere.

Montegridolfo - Castello
Castle of very ancient origins which, over the centuries, has experienced a difficult fate of contention between the Malatesta and Montefeltro because of its unique and strategic position. The narrow passage of the tower of the door, like a drawbridge, let the entrance into a medieval village restored to its former glory and rightly mentioned among the most beautiful towns of Italy.

Repubblica di San Marino

The independence of the Republic has very ancient origins, so much so that San Marino is considered the oldest republic in the world. The tradition traces its founding to 3 September 301 AD, when the San Marino, established a small Christian community on Mount Titano. The small Republic contains a historic, Mussala, architectural invaluable.


And 'one of the best preserved castles in the Rimini area. It owes its name to the family of Rimini, of the Guelph party, the Gridolfi, who settled here at the time of the clashes with the Ghibellines. Inside the village is the Palazzo Viviani, hotel de charme, one of the most advanced and skilled centers for tourism and relaxation around the hinterland of Romagna.

During the Roman domination Urbino was a strategically important city, and this is evidenced indirectly by the information about the battle of 207 BC on the Metauro fought by Asdrubal and the Roman consuls. We have not, however, many information about the city during the early Middle Ages, but we know that Urbino had to be a city viewed as vital because it was assault by the Goths, Byzantines and Lombards. This city is known nowadays to being been the place where Raphael was born and had built lots of important constructions.

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